Elle’s music and performances are soulful with a quietly confident rock edge.  She’s sometimes sweet, sometimes fiery she draws on her influences of rock, blues, pop, country & folk to create a new brand of indie singer-songwriter.

“Elle Sera’s vocal abilities are unquestionable. What makes this captivate though is the passion, the power, and this meeting of the familiar and the unknown.”

– Stereo Stickman (Feb 2018)

“By all accounts, this feels like a long lost hit from a simpler time”

– Rebecca Cullen (Feb 2018)

“ALRIGHT contains the elements of everything that make Elle Sera’s music so memorable – deep lyrics, haunting melodies, a voice that doesn’t leave you, musical talent for days and the freedom to talk about emotions or feelings that exist inside and outside love – and are the cornerstones of the best female musicians, typically of indie persuasion, that we see these days.

There are any number of reasons we can supply for our enjoyment of this soulful indie record, most of which should be credited to the artist. Often throughout this song I was reminded of a cross between Stevie Nicks and PJ Harvey. Musically intelligent, emotionally deep, and lyrically poetic, Elle Sera seems to be miles ahead of her contemporaries.”

– Rick Jamm, Jamsphere (Jan 2018)

“Such distinctive and magnificent voice”

 – Indie Music Home (Jan 2018)

“Raw vocals are well executed and lush”

 – Obscure Sound (Jan 2018)

“This is some seriously soulful and countrified rock n’ roll. Sera has the pipes to knock it out of the park and the music itself follows the Mississippi River from New Orleans up to Chicago. Picture a cross between Emmylou Harris and Shamekia Copeland.”

– Chip McCabe, Lonesome Noise (Dec 30, 2013)

“Beautiful. Listening to Elle Sera is like, well, going to church. She sings with such soul and heart. But edgy. Slinky. It’s kind of a whiskey drinking, dirty church. There should be more Elle Sera everywhere.”

– Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez, Local Band Review (Dec 30, 2013)

“My definition of “designed to fail”: being a singer-songwriter following DB Rielly’s band outdoors late on a school night when everyone’s into their third (fifth…we are going straight to hell) drink. You wanna talk about relationships NOW? Elle Sera proved my doubts hollow. Everyone notices her voice: full, strong, and textured. But it’s her songwriting that held us there, as her stories are just quirky enough, her chord changes fresh and angular; her solid strumming holds everything together without intruding on her story-telling.”

– John Roselli, LIC Notes (Aug 17, 2011)